“Get ready for the unexpected” met Björn Prins

09-03-2018 , Brussels

Most companies and their leaders are confronted with disruptive technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, block chains, virtual reality etc.

It is hard to manage your day to day operations in such a volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous context. The biggest threat however is not just the disruption of your business but the disruption of your brain leading to loss of focus and resilience, high negative stress, burn-out, depression, immunity issues,....

This is why Itam, the Institute for Training of Attention and Mindfulness, presents a Masterclass, specific for CEO’s and HR managers, who are eager to learn more about the brain in a leadership context.

Programme Masterclass

8:30 - Doors open

9:00 - Opening by the chairman of the Masterclass Jo Notaerts (Weishaupt)

9:15 - Lead-in by Björn Prins and Greet Dom (Itam) - The science of silence
Key insights on neuroscience and mindfulness.
How mindfulness can facilitate neuroplasticity.

10:00 - Lead in by Erik Van Vooren (Itam) - Silence of the leader
The impact of leaders who lead by example... stories of exceptional leaders who transform the organisation through personal leadership.

10:30 - Lead in by Filip Delepiere (Bright Link)
Exposure to burnout risk within organisations.

10:45 - Break

11:00 - Masterclass 1: Neuroplasticity of the brain in daily life and work
How to install good habits, keep an open mind, or create a calm inner space.
Framework, exercises, sharing experiences

11:00 - Masterclass 2: SLOW in a fast organisation
During this Masterclass, we will guide you through our SLOW algorithm which enables you to master the Inner Game of self-management. Framework, exercises, sharing experiences

12:00 - Network - Standing lunch

Practical information

290€ VAT excl. 
Pre-registration required - please click here to register
Only 30 seats available

Date and time
Friday 9 March 2018
8:30: doors open
9:00: start Masterclass
12:00: end of Masterclass with standing lunch

Paapsemlaan 7
1070 Anderlecht

Any questions?
For more information, please contact evelyn@itam.be or call +32 (0)9 387 00 45.